What Is the Legal Procedure for Adopting a Child in Columbus Ohio?

Having a child is the greatest pleasure for parents. A child makes mother and father better persons. They begin to understand their social and family responsibilities. The child reminds parents of their childhoods. However, some couples do not have children due to biological inabilities or some other reasons. It is really difficult for them to accept this. Adopting a child is a pretty common move by them. However, there are some laws related to adoption in Ohio.

These couples do not have any idea about the legal proceedings of adoption. This is where Law Firms Columbus Ohio offers helping hand to those who want to adopt a child. Law Firms in Columbus Ohio takes care of all these legal proceedings. These laws are found in section 3107 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Adopting a Child in Ohio

Following are the legal steps for adopting a child. Law Firms Columbus Ohio will guide the couple through these steps.

child custody and visitation

Filing a Petition for Child Adoption

First of all, the couple needs to file a petition with the probate court. The couple will provide following information in the petition.

  • The new name (if any) of the adoptee in case the petition is granted.
  • Details of the persons whose consent is necessary, complete details of the petitioner and adoptee.
  • Details of all members of the family adopting the child.
  • A copy of the birth certificate the adoptee (if available).

When all the proper documents are prepared and the petition is filed, the hearing will be set by the judge and assessment will be ordered. The assessor will prepare and submit the assessment. This assessment will include present and future needs of the child and the petitioner. Mental, developmental and physical conditions of the child, biological family background, the reason behind the minor’s placement and whether the child is willing to live with the petitioner.

Hearing on Child Adoption

The judge makes sure that all notices are given to involved parties and it is in the best interest of the kid. The judge either approves or disapproves the adoption. In case the adoption is approved, either the adoption decree is entered immediately or an “interlocutory order of adoption is made”.

Decree of Child Adoption

This is the final decree of adoption which creates a parent-child relationship. This relation is as if the kid were the biological child of the new parents.

Birth Certificate

A new birth certificate of the child is issued and the original one is sealed. The new certificate comes with the name of new parents as the birth parent.

Adopting a Child Born In Foreign Country

The Bureau of Vital Statistics, Columbus, Ohio will issue a new birth certificate for the child.

Adopting a Child Born Outside Of Ohio

Birth certificate for a child born outside of Ohio will be issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state in which the child was born.

This appears to be a lengthy procedure. However, if you want to adopt a child in Ohio then you can contact one of the Law Firms Columbus Ohio.